Juta Urov


My name is Juta Urov and I am a photoartist. As you see I like to think outside the box.

About a year ago I got inspired by monochrome photography and this new view of the world has been leading me since.

I found something I was looking for so long that I didn’t even remember anymore what it actually was. Well, turns out that I found my art and myself.

I thank you very much for your interest. If you would like to see more of my photoart please visit my personal website jutaphoto.com. Also you may download my first e-book which is free for personal use.

I am a proud member of gurushot.com, currently at Master level. I also have a profile at 500px, ViewBug and LensCulture.

Anne-Mari Alver


She has 4 kids, 2 businesses, several newspapers to edit on daily bases and somehow she still manages to find some time for my next crazy project.

She is the one who makes things happen, she takes my dreams, ideas, visions, feelings – and turns them into something real and beautiful.

About the T-Shirts

We both think that our t-shirts are cool to wear for all open-minded people all over the world – no age-limit and your granny has a right to rock too!

These t-shirts are all different, some are beautiful, some are nice outside but story behind the photoart might be quite a challenge. You may love or hate them, but they probably cause some emotions either you like it or not.

These t-shirts are not cheap – you can’t put your art unto old newspaper – but we believe that their quality is well worth the money. All our t-shirts are made by SOL’S company. The fact that you own a designer t-shirt that is so rare – you will have the personal certificate with the number – is just priceless.

Unique Designer T-Shirts

It is a unique company in many ways. Founded by two women it’s really international. I live in Spain, manager Anne-Mari Alver in Estonia and all the business is managed over the internet. Distance between two of us is 6000 km and it haven’t been a problem so far!


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